My name is John Hadwin and I belong to Jesus. I made a song—called "My Soul"—and put it here. It is for His glory, free for all. It is an anthem for believers, as we give voice to our worship of God.

Here are some other songs I've been working on that I'd like to do one day too.

Bring Love

An eye opening message revealing why it is impossible to bring love unless you bring Jesus.

Dust to Glory

A beautiful play on words illustrating our journey from dust to everlasting glory.

Knocking at My Beating Heart

There's a rhythm to our heartbeat for a reason. He knocks at the door of our heart from start to finish.

Like the King

Many people would like to be treated like a king. It takes a Christian to want to be treated like The King.

Me - Through The Needle's Eye

A startling look at how silly I must look through the needle's eye.

These Hands

A clear and powerful portrait of why and how we are no longer our own person when we abide in Christ.

Why the Baby Cries

An intricate guitar melody chronicling the journey of abusive parents on their way to meet The Father.

Words with God

A contagious tune with brain teasing lyrics. Guaranteed to leave you in a profoundly shocked state of worship, wanting more.


This was Jesus' Hebrew name. This song declares who He Is as it builds to a climax that will have everyone singing along.